• Alumina powder and α-type alumina powaer

Alumina powder and α-type alumina powaer

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Alumina powder has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and stable properties. Commonly used as analytical reagents, dehydration of organic solvents, adsorbents, organic reaction catalysts, abrasives, polishing agents, raw materials for smelting aluminum, and refractory materials.

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Five characteristics of high-purity alumina powder

1. Chemical resistance;
2. High-purity alumina, the alumina content is greater than 99%;
3. High temperature resistance, normal use at 1600℃, short-term 1800℃;
4. Resistant to sudden cold and heat, not easy to burst;
5. It adopts grouting and has high density.
1. Use of α-type alumina powder

In the crystal lattice of α-type alumina powder, oxygen ions are closely packed in hexagons, and Al3+ is symmetrically distributed in the octahedral coordination center surrounded by oxygen ions. The lattice energy is very large, so the melting point and boiling point are very high. α-type oxidation Aluminum is insoluble in water and acid. It is also called aluminum oxide in industry. It is the basic raw material for making metal aluminum; it is also used to make various refractory bricks, refractory crucibles, refractory tubes, and high temperature test instruments; it can also be used as abrasives and flame retardants. Agents, fillers, etc.; high-purity α-type alumina is also the raw material for the production of artificial corundum, artificial ruby ​​and sapphire; it is also used for the production of modern large-scale integrated circuits.

Activated alumina has selective adsorption capacity for gas, water vapor and some liquid moisture. After the adsorption is saturated, it can be revived by heating at about 175-315°C to remove water. Adsorption and resurrection can be performed multiple times. In addition to being used as a desiccant, it can also adsorb the vapor of lubricating oil from polluted oxygen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, natural gas, etc. It can also be used as catalyst and catalyst carrier and chromatography carrier.

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