• Application of Brown Corundum Granular Sand

Application of Brown Corundum Granular Sand

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Brown corundum, also known as emery, is a kind of brown artificial corundum made of bauxite, coke (anthracite), and iron filings after melting and reduction in the arc furnace. Its main chemical composition is AL2O3(95.00%-97.00%), also contains a small amount of Fe, Si, Ti and so on. The abrasive tools made of it are suitable for grinding high tensile metal, such as all kinds of general steel, malleable cast iron, hard bronze, etc. Brown corundum has the characteristics of high purity, good crystallization, strong fluidity, low linear expansion coefficient and corrosion resistance. After dozens of refractory production enterprises practicing and verifying, The product does not explode, powdery or crack during application. In particular, comparing to traditional brown corundum, it has become the best brown corundum refractories aggregate and filler which excels in cost performance.

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The main component of brown corundum is alumina, and the grades are also distinguished by aluminum content. The lower the aluminum content, the lower the hardness.

Wanyu Industry and Trade, brown corundum products, the particle size is produced in accordance with international standards and national standards, and can be processed according to user requirements. The general particle size number is F4~F320, and its chemical composition varies depending on the particle size. The outstanding feature is the small crystal size,
impact resistance, suitable for self-mill processing and crushing, the particles are mostly spherical particles, the surface is dry and clean, and it is easy to bond with the binder.

Brown corundum is called industrial teeth: mainly used in refractory materials, grinding wheels, and sandblasting.
1. Used to manufacture advanced refractory materials, castables, refractory bricks, etc.
2. Sandblasting--the abrasive has moderate hardness, high bulk density, no free silica, high specific gravity, and good toughness. It is an ideal "environmentally friendly" sandblasting material, widely used in aluminum profiles, copper profiles, glass, and washed jeans Precision molds and other fields;
3. Free grinding-grinding grade abrasive, used for free grinding in the fields of picture tube, optical glass, single crystal silicon, lens, watch glass, crystal glass, jade, etc. It is a high-grade grinding material commonly used in China;
4. Resin Abrasives-Abrasives with suitable color, good hardness, toughness, suitable particle cross-section type and edge retention, applied to resin abrasives, the effect is ideal;
5. Coated abrasives--abrasives are raw materials for manufacturers such as sandpaper and gauze;
6. Functional filler-mainly used for automotive brake parts, special tires, special construction products and other collars, which can be used as wear-resistant materials such as highway roads, airstrips, docks, parking lots, industrial floors, and sports venues;
7. Filter media-a new application field of abrasives. Granular abrasives are used as the bottom media of the filter bed to purify drinking water or wastewater. It is a new type of water filtration material at home and abroad, especially suitable for non-ferrous metal mineral processing: oil drilling mud weighting agent :
8. Hydraulic cutting-uses abrasives as the cutting medium and relies on high-pressure water jets for basic cutting. It is applied to the cutting of oil (natural gas) pipelines, steel and other parts. It is a new, environmentally friendly and safe cutting method.


(1) Due to the properties of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, etc., the sliding nozzle of pouring steel is used to smelt rare precious metals, special alloys, ceramics, and the lining (wall and pipe) of ironmaking blast furnaces; physical and chemical utensils, spark plugs, resistant Thermal oxidation resistant coating.

(2) Due to the characteristics of high hardness, good wear resistance, and high strength, in the chemical system, it is used as parts of various reaction vessels and pipelines, and chemical pumps; as mechanical parts, various molds, such as wire drawing dies, Squeeze pencil core mold nozzles, etc.; make knives, mold abrasives, bulletproof materials, human joints, sealed mold rings, etc.

(3) Corundum insulation materials, such as corundum lightweight bricks, corundum hollow balls and fiber products, are widely used in the walls and roofs of various high-temperature furnaces, which are both high temperature resistant and thermal insulation. Brown corundum grain size sand is made of artificially selected brown corundum blocks and processed by roller, ball mill, Barmac and other equipment. The grain size is F20-240. It is mainly used for polishing, grinding, industrial grinding, etc.

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