• Black corundum brown corundum section sand blasting electric fused corundum

Black corundum brown corundum section sand blasting electric fused corundum

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Brown corundum fine powder is made of high-quality abrasive alumina as raw material and supplemented with auxiliary materials. It is refined in an electric arc furnace at a high temperature above 2250℃, and its refractoriness is above 1850℃.

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Brown corundum fine powder series is made of high-quality brown corundum through steam flow crushing, sorting, chemical pickling and water washing. It has the characteristics of uniform particle size composition, precision, high cleanliness, and high hardness.

Brown corundum powder, stable chemical properties, chemical composition: Al2O3 95%-97.5%;

SiO23.90g/cm3; hardness (Knoop spectrum) 2050Kg/mm2; (Mohs) 9; color: dark brown; melting point: 2050°C; operating temperature: 1980°C; linear expansion (1600°C) 8.5×10-6C-1 . Product performance: high hardness, high strength, impact resistance, high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, low creep, uniform particles, high grinding efficiency, no scratches, etc.. It is suitable for ultra-precision grinding and precision casting in the machinery industry And for the grinding of CRT glass bulbs, optical glass, silicon wafers, etc., used for ceramic resin abrasive tools, sandblasting, grinding and polishing, and widely used in non-slip wear-resistant racetracks, high temperature resistant substrate coatings and industrial furnaces such as metallurgy and chemical industry. Of refractory materials.

Scope of application

The brown corundum powder produced by our company has the characteristics of high purity, good crystallization, strong fluidity, low linear expansion coefficient and corrosion resistance. The product has the characteristics of non-explosion, non-powdering, and non-cracking during application.

Our advantage

1. High-quality abrasive grade bauxite
Workers manually select high-quality grinding grade bauxite for smelting, and the Al2O3 content is as high as 85%, ensuring the quality from the root!

2. Second refinement:
All brown fused alumina will be refined for another 3 hours in addition to the industry standard smelting time to improve product quality!

3. Strict classification
The smelted brown corundum blocks are manually screened and classified by workers to ensure that each batch is a high-quality product!

4. High-strength magnetic separator
We use 3 8000 magnetic separators to remove ferrosilicon impurities forcefully!

5. Corporate strength
The company has more than ten years of production experience, with an annual production capacity of 50,000 tons, advanced equipment and rich experience.

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