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To introduce you to white corundum

To introduce you to white corundum

White corundum is made from high quality alumina powder by electric smelting. It has the color white, high hardness, lower toughness, high purity, excellent self-sharpening, grinding force, low calorific value, high efficiency, naisuanjian corrosion, high temperature resistance, good thermal stability etc, it is not only advanced abrasives materials, and advanced grinding, polishing materials, processing with it made of abrasive, suitable for grinding high carbon steel, high speed steel, and various kinds of stainless steel. It is also widely used in precision casting, iron and steel refractory, chemical refractory, 95 electric porcelain, decorative porcelain and other special ceramics and daily life porcelain, military, electronics and other high-tech industries.

The mohs hardness of corundum is 9, so far found in nature, hardness is second only to diamond high hardness material.

Our company produces white corundum sand, particle size sand, fine powder series of products, is based on high quality aluminum oxide powder as raw material, crystallization by capacitor refining, high purity: Al2O3≥99.5% SiO₂≤0.1% Fe2O3≤0.1% Na2O≤0.35%, good self-sharpness, acid and alkali resistance to corrosion, high temperature resistance, good hot state performance. Can be processed according to user requirements. General particle size for F4~F220, its chemical composition depends on the size of particle size and different. The outstanding characteristics are small crystal size impact resistance, if the grinding machine is used to process broken, the particles are spherical particles, the surface is dry clean, more easy to bond.

Chiping Wanyu industry and Trade Co., LTD., built in 2010, is a new type of refractory and wear-resistant products production and export factory in China. It can produce white corundum block, chrome corundum block, white corundum section sand, fine powder, particle size sand and other abrades according to user demand.

Post time: Dec-13-2021