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Causes and countermeasures of common problems in the application of white corundum abrasive?

Causes and countermeasures of common problems in the application of white corundum abrasive?

Due to the relationship between the material, white corundum as abrasive compared with other products have a great difference, because the alumina content of white corundum is relatively high, can meet the application requirements of various occasions. But there will also be adverse reactions in the application process of white corundum abrasive, in view of the problem of product redness, how to effectively solve it?
First of all, we should know where the cause of the problem is. After analysis, it is found that white corundum abrasives red may be because the binding agent of the production product contains iron substances; It may be too much iron mechanical process in the process of processing. Therefore, the existence of iron in white corundum products should be reduced as far as possible.
In order to achieve the best use effect, the existence of air should be avoided in the process of abrasive production, and the control of white corundum abrasive particle size should also be paid attention to, so as to avoid the occurrence of various adverse phenomena

How is the quality stand or fall of brown corundum brick identified?
Brown corundum can be made into abrasive, can also be made into brick, because of the brown corundum itself has good performance, so made of brick after the brown corundum is a very practical firebrick. But because the performance of the product is not clear at a glance, so we have to learn to identify the quality of brown corundum brick to the use of the product

Since October, many places in China have implemented the policy of power restriction and production restriction, resulting in the price of brown corundum continues to be strong. The price of electricity is one of the main factors affecting the price of brown corundum. The price of electricity in Henan has been adjusted to more than 1 yuan/degree, and the cost has risen sharply.

According to data statistics in October, brown corundum market five consecutive rise, Henan, Shanxi, Guizhou three main production areas of brown corundum prices rose 1200-1300 yuan/ton, up to 22.64% and 25.49%, guizhou brown corundum rose higher than Henan, Shanxi.
After entering November, brown corundum production limited factors increase, brown corundum market or throw the continuation of weak supply and demand situation, cost is still high support, quotation firm.

Brown corundum: with the introduction of national environmental protection policies and clear provisions of environmental protection policies around the market is gradually stable, coupled with the increase of production enterprises, brown corundum supply continues to be stable. As the corundum market stabilizes, price confusion will gradually disappear.
Brown corundum is one of the most basic abrasives, its crushing resistance, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance is strong, has good chemical stability, production cost is lower than other abrasives, cost-effective is also better than other abrasives. In Our country, brown corundum has gradually formed a certain industrial scale industrial material system, which has become an irreplaceable basic material for industrial development and an indispensable part of the national economy. At present, the company occupies an important position in the manufacturing of consolidated abrasives, coated abrasives and refractory materials.

White corundum: entering the heating season and the introduction of environmental protection policies, the downstream enterprises limit the serious production, the demand for white corundum weakened, the market supply and demand to maintain a basic balance, there is no longer a phenomenon of hard to find goods. Part of the early stock and enterprise inventory of the product, is sold at a relatively low price. At present white corundum supply is stable, late price may be back.

Post time: Dec-13-2021